September Reset

Autumn – my absolute favorite time of year. It always feels like a new start is coming. Just like that feeling you had as a kid at the end of the summer before school starts. There is an excitement to get back into the swing of things. Side note – for me, it was going school supply shopping! Even at 27, I have that feeling. I am still new to the entrepreneurial life and I have found it a challenge to find a routine. To that end, it is hard to feel settled. Slowly but surely, I am getting into the swing of all my new opportunities and ventures. September is here and I’ve been trying to reset and get on top of my goals. Even if nothing is changing in your life, use this time – this new month – this new season – to set yourself up for new growth and goals.
Here a few of my ideas for a September reset. 

This is my number 1. Just ask my neighbors and husband, I have been on a DEcluttering rampage. I have been feeling like my mind and space are very connected. Slowly I have been going through all my rooms, closets and cupboards and just tossing or donating what I do not need, do not use or is just taking up space. It is actually so therapeutic! My mom once told me that if an item does not bring you joy or utility then get rid of it. I have things in my closet that I haven’t worn in 2 years. If it were gone, I would not notice. But for some reason, I feel this fear of letting go of things. It has been really powerful to push myself and just let it go. Give it a try!


We often stick to the exercise routines that we are used to and comfortable with. There is nothing wrong with keeping up with what you love, but I would like to encourage you to try something new. If you are a cardio-lover, hit up a barre studio. If you are a yogi, give spinning a try. It is so important to give your body and muscles new experiences. This helps us get stronger and reach our goals. Pick one new thing and just try it! Whatever it is, give it at least 2 classes to see if you like it.

Being a better water drinker is something I have literally been trying to get better at for years. I simply do not get thirsty, so I have to be super conscious and proactive and remember to drink more water. This month, I am challenging myself to drink at least 3 swell bottles (17oz)  filled with water per day in addition to my morning water. It is crazy that this is actually a challenge, but it totally is. When I am on top of my hydration, I feel SO much better. Got to keep it up!
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So often when we are busy with our careers and schedules, we do not have any time to take in information for pleasure. For some people (hem hem -me), reading puts them to sleep in under 12 minutes. A great way to learn and exercise your brain in new ways is through podcasts. In the past few months, I have started listening to podcasts a lot. At least a couple of times per week! Some are health and wellness related (which is super inspiring for me) and some are completely random! It is important to keep your brain stimulated in an environment where there are no expectations from you. No external pressures, just education for the sake of it!
Some of my favorites are: Radio Lab, The Balanced Blonde Podcast, Let it Out by Katie Dalebout, Bulletproof Radio, and Wine & Shine Podcast. I will be doing a whole blog post on podcasts soon. Stay tuned!
 Until next time.

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