Beauty, Body and Basics. How I am switching my daily products to promote a healthier, more natural life.

For the past 5 years, I have paid a lot of attention to eating healthy food. My focus has been on what I put IN my body and how that keeps me healthy, happy and energized. As I dive into holistic health, I have been learning about how what we put ON our bodies and our environments can affect our health too. Specifically, our immune system, our endocrine system (hormones) and inflammation.  In an attempt to do what is available to me to live a life of optimal health, I have started to transition my beauty products, personal care products, and household cleaning products to greener, non-toxic and cruelty free options. I have approached this process very slowly since I did not want to waste what I currently had. I am proud to embrace brands with better ingredients and sustainable practices. Everyone has to do their part, and this is mine right now. Not every brand checks off ALL the boxes, but each one has something to stand for that I value and wish to support. 

m a k e  u p.


  • Why I like it: Wander beauty is all about taking the time and stress out of using makeup up by creating multi-use products. Their products are non-toxic and cruelty-free. I love the focus on simplicity and some of my go-to essentials have come from this line.
  • Products I am enjoying:


  • Why I like it: This is an exceptional brand and a newcomer into the world of non-toxic skincare and beauty. Safe to say, Cocokind is taking over and I love it! I first heard of it on IG through one of my fave bloggers @rachlmansfield – I have since gone through several of the matcha moisture sticks!
  • Products I am enjoying:
    • Highlighters – these are incredible! There is a bronzing one, rose blush one and a gold highlight one. I love using all 3 together. The glowy look is my fave so I am all about these. You can also use them as eyeshadow. You will not believe they are made from the mushroom extract
    • Turmeric Stick – this is great for a blemish or a pimple. It helps with the inflammation in the area.
    • Matcha Stick – think lip balm meets an eye cream. I literally use it everything.


  • Why I like it: It is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. It is also super affordable. I got my stuff at Plum Market, but I have seen it at whole foods and is, of course, available online. I have found some amazing face essentials from this brand – foundation, tinted day creams, and concealer. I will for sure be purchasing these again.
  • Products I am enjoying:
    • CC Cream – I use this as a base foundation and I love that it has SPF. It is the first thing I apply after my regular moisturizer when I want to wear makeup. Sometimes, I will wear this alone just for some coverage and glow. I use the  “warm/light” tone.
    • BB Cream – I use this as a glossy overlay on top of the CC cream. It still has good coverage and adds a luminous layer. The best part is that it does not feel heavy or sticky like some of the other ones I have tried.
    • Concealer – I do not use concealer super consistently, but when I want to add a little more coverage OR in the winter time (I have a veiny face when I am pale) this is my go to.


  • Why I like it: Found is another great brand that has plant-based, non-toxic beauty products that are affordable. They have a great skincare line as well. They also have my other fave mascara and go-to lip shade.
  • Products I am enjoying:
    • Volumizing Mascara  This mascara does NOT drip when you break a sweat. I am so impressed because so many non-toxic ones do. It has super dramatic volume and has been my go-to for all my weddings or special occasions. I have gotten tons of compliments when I wear it. YAY!
    • Lipstick – I LOVE the satin lipstick. It goes on velvety smooth and does not crack. The colors are gorgeous. I have been rocking Hibiscus this summer and I will for sure be stocking up on some fall/winter colors soon.
    • Gloss – I also love this pink gloss for every day. Just adds a little something when you are feeling like it 🙂 Not super dramatic like the satin lipstick, but the kinda thing you want to keep in your purse. I love Raspberry and Blossom colors.


  • Why I like it: I have been using the boy brow brush FOREVER. It is one of the only shades that work with my light (yet thickish) brows. I also sometimes use my Bobbi brown pencil (although I am open to trying a nontoxic one).
Foundation: Pacifica / Primer: Pacifica / Blush and Highlight: Wander beauty stick on the glow stick / Additional Highlight : Coco kind Skincare  / Brows: Glossier  boy brow in blond / Eye Shadow: Wanderess palette / Lips: discover found raspberry gloss / Mascara: discover found


s k i n  &  p e r s o n a l   c a r e


  • Why I like it: If you have been watching my IG stories you know that I am a HUGE Fan of the Everyone products. They are made with safe, plant-based ingredients and I love what the brand stands for – LOVE EVERYONE and take care of yourself. They are also super affordable and have a huge product line.
  • Products I am enjoying:
    • Face Set – This comes with cleaner, exfoliant, toner, and moisturizer. It is lightweight and very refreshing. I have been using it for a few months now.
    • Shampoo / Conditioner – these are SUPER nourishing. I had such issues with dry hair before and these have really helped me!
    • Hair Tame Cream – I love using this when I am wearing my hair curly OR straight. It helps tame frizz and flyaways.
    • Face wipes – these are literally the only face cleansing/makeup remover clothes that do not burn/ sting my face. I always travel with them and bring them to a workout if I cannot shower right after.
    • Deodorant – I have been searching for a natural deodorant that doesn’t leave RESIDUE! This is my new obsession. Been using it for about two months now and I am very happy with it.
    • Body Lotion – There is an all in one that I love using all over after I shower. The vanilla apricot smells glorious.
    • Body Wash – super refreshing and makes my shower smell incredible – always! I love the coconut lemon the best.
    • Hand Sanitizer – this is underrated so clutch. I have one in my car and in literally all my purses. I use it all the time and it does not have that nasty purell feeling.


  • Why I like it – First aid was one of the first cleaner skin care products that I started using! I have a ton of their stuff and filter it in with the newer stuff (mentioned above) that I have been using.
  • Products I am enjoying:
    • Highlighters – I love the rose and champagne. They are very moisturizing, but also provide great color! I love them on the go because they are small.
    • Coconut primer – this has a great glowy look and sometimes I will put on top of moisturizer when I wear nothing else.
    • Face wash – I use this one all the time! It is in my shower! I have a few of the travel ones and I bring them with me on my trips too.
    • Night cream – this is actually the night cream I have been using for years! I wake up feeling very moisturized!


  • Why I like it – OK so it is so random (at least to me) that TJs has natural skin care products. 
  • Facial Oil – I love the coconut and argan facial oil. I use this when I need some heavy makeup removal. It works so well! I even got my sister and mom hooked on it.

h o m e


  • Essential Oils – I love the aromatherapy blends and essential oils to use in a diffuser. I have been putting it on during the day and in the evening to help me focus or stay relaxed. It is incredible how much diffusing oils can help!


  • I also love Saje Wellness essential oils for on the go and to help more with physical ailments. I use Peppermint Halo on sore muscles and on my knee if it is bothering me.  I also use it for headaches. I use eater’s digest on my tummy if I am feeling some indigestion.


  • Why I love it – When I first received the products to try I was so confused because there was one container of liquid and a bunch of empty ones. THEN silly me I realized that that same concentrate is used for all the different cleaning products. There is just a different mix of water. It is such a pleasure to clean with this stuff. I DO NOT get dizzy or nauseous or feel like I am inhaling fumes that are harmful to my health. I am so inspired by the Brand Basic’s story and I highly encourage you to check them out. The all-purpose cleaner has been my go-to for everything!


  • Why I like it – the Seventh generation is probably one of the most known household supplies companies in the “clean product” realm. I have been using the laundry detergent pods, the dryer sheets, and the dish soap for a while and I am super happy with it.  I am a huge fan of their #comeclean campaign all about consumer awareness of what is in our daily products. So important! 

Anyways, that is it for now! I hope you enjoyed learning about my fave beauty, skin, personal and household products 🙂



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