Travel Often. Live Well.

My latest tips on how to stay healthy while traveling.

In the last 3 months, I have been on 15+ planes. That is a lot of planes! Travel is just a way of life for me. Whether it be for weddings, family visits, weekend getaways, or just business – I am always finding myself traveling. On the go is actually an understatement for me and my lifestyle these days. Admittedly, it can be a lot and absolutely stressful at times, but I honestly get so much joy out of travel and experiences that I have learned to revolve my healthy lifestyle around it. Through my experience, I have narrowed down some of the things that personally work for me and help me stay healthy during my travels.

I want to preface that I believe everything in moderation is ok and vacation is really a time to let go of some of the things that we do day to day. It is ok to indulge a little extra and skip a few workouts! In fact, it’s healthy to have that balance! But, for someone like me, travel is such a way of life and so frequent that I do have to think about how to bring my healthy lifestyle with me most of the time. Otherwise, I just wouldn’t be leading a life that I do not want to live. It is about a balance that works for you, my friends! Alright – let’s dive in.


No matter if you are going to a new place just for the weekend or for a long vacation – this applies. Do your research. And not just to find the coolest sites and restaurants (that is a given), but to see what will be available to you to keep up your healthy habits. What workout studios are close to you? Is there a grocery store nearby to pick up snacks? What cute smoothie bars or healthy cafes can you work into the itinerary? I personally like to feel energized throughout my travels and eating at healthy spots is a big part of that. I mostly do this for breakfast and lunch. I always turn to IG for this and ask people for their fave healthy spots and local workouts so I can explore that part of whatever city I am in. I also use both ClassPass and the MindBody App to find workouts in my radius that I would be interested in. They have great reviews and tips for each studio and it makes it less intimidating to go to a new spot. Plus, I think getting outside of your comfort zone is the best part of travel! It is how we grow.

All in all, doing your research and learning about the the healthy living landscape of the area you are visiting to is going to help you stay on track.


This is huge! 90% of the time, airport food is straight up nasty, unhealthy and does not leave us feeling good. You just never know when you are going to be stuck at the airport, have a delayed connection or just need to change your plans – it is best to be prepared. I like to eat in advance of my travels so I do not find myself super hungry with 0 healthy options. That is not fun! I like to bring lots of snacks to supplement until I can get a healthy meal. Some of my fave travel snacks include — healthy bars, to go nut butter packs, hard-boiled eggs, raw nuts, and seeds or cut up veggies. OR if I have enough time, I will bring a meal with me. As long as it is not liquid, you are golden. For example, the other day I picked up a sweet green salad on the way to the airport for a 5:00 pm flight. I knew that I was going to get hungry on the plane and sure enough I did and had a yummy healthy meal! If I didn’t prepare, I would have been stuck with airport food or worse plane food! You can always searching online what options are available in your terminal – you may get lucky with something good.


I cannot stress this enough! Generally, staying hydrated is integral for our health – but it is even more important during your travels. Airports and planes are dry as is and not drinking enough water does not help! I personally get super fatigued during travel and dehydration is not fun. So – how do I stay on top of it? I always bring my glass refillable water bottle with me to fill up before a flight and after. Nothing is worse than being super thirsty on a flight and having to wait for the in-flight service to start! That can be 20 – 30 minutes and sometimes they do not even do it if it is a bumpy ride.I am obsessed with my Soma Water bottle. It is not only super cute looking, but it is made with shatterproof glass and has an amazing grip liner. Mine is mint and absolutely beautiful – I always get compliments on it.

Soma Water Bottles are lightweight, durable and easy to clean. I love how the cap is made with sustainable bamboo and is totally leak proof (because no one has time for that). I also bring my Soma bottle with me going for walks, hanging out on the beach or strolling around a city I am exploring. When I am super busy, especially during travel, I sometimes forget to drink and then all of a sudden I am super exhausted and light headed. Having my bottle reminds me to constantly be drinking and filling it up. The other weekend, I was traveling in NYC and walked at least 15K steps a day! I was hydrating throughout by filling up my water at coffee shops and places a long the way. Plus, it is way more cost effective and better for the environment to carry your own bottle. See the pic below of me in NYC sporting ny bottle.

Carrying my Soma Water Bottle around NYC.
Carrying my Soma Water Bottle around NYC.
Never go to the beach without my Soma Bottle.


You know I am a big fan of supplementation and this is especially the came with travel. My stomach gets all out of sorts when I am eating outside of my home and do not have full control of what is in my food. BUT – that does not stop me from enjoying food when traveling, because honestly, that is my favorite part of travel! I always bring digestive enzymes with me to help me break down the food I am eating at each meal. I also make sure I travel with a probiotic to keep my gut health in check when traveling. This is so important to me because my system is super sensitive. I also bring to go packs of collagen to add to my morning coffee or water. This helps me get extra protein, keep my hair, skin, and nails strong, as well as support my gut health. I like to keep my routine as similar to what I do at home so having as much with me as possible is key. I also bring my women’s multivitamin and prenatal. Depending on what else I am experimenting with, I bring it along. It is easy to order one of those pill packs on Amazon so you don’t have a bunch of bottles with you.


It can be frustrating sometimes when we feel that travel “gets us off track”. There can be a lot of anxiety around travel for this very reason. I so often see people land in a cycle of dieting and restriction before a trip and then totally let loose on the trip that they end up going overboard and feeling crappy after. I have been there and it really takes away from the experience. Try to have a balanced approach to this because so much of travel is enjoying life in a spontaneous way. There is only so much we can do (like I outlined above) to set us up for success, but no one is perfect. Go easy on yourself and remember it is supposed to be a positive experience!

Happy travels everyone! I hope these tips helped you learn about ways to stay balanced and healthy throughout your travels.

xo, Sari

Thank you to Soma Water for sponsoring this post. I am honored to create content in partnership with companies that help me champion a healthy lifestyle every single day. You can find out more about Soma Water products, their mission and the brand here.

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  1. Loved your thoughts on traveling & living healthy, & staying well! Wonderful key points on balancing ones routine! Great advise:)
    Thanks so much, XO

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