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Crispy Dark Chocolate Bark

Yields12 ServingsPrep Time10 minsCook Time3 hrsTotal Time3 hrs 10 mins

Crispy Dark Chocolate Bark

 1 cup Dark Chocolate
 1 cup Almond Butter
 ½ tbsp Coconut Oil
 1 tsp Vanilla Extract
 1 cup Rice Cereal
 White Chocolate Chips, Sea Salt, Festive Sprinkles (optional)

In a microwave-safe bowl, add chocolate, oil and vanilla. Microwave power medium for 1- 2 minutes. Stir every minute. Depending on your microwave, this may take longer so keep an eye on it so it doesn’t get too hot and fizzle.


Once fully melted, add creamy almond butter to the bowl. Mix well.


Lastly, add in rice crisp cereal and mix again.


Line a cookie sheet with wax or parchment paper. If it is parchment paper, give it a little spray with nonstick spray.


Pour mixture evenly on the cookie sheet and spread with a spatula. You want it to be 1/4 inch thick or less. 
Once spread fully, feel free to add sprinkles and sea salt. Or even some more chocolate. Whatever you love!


Freeze for 2-3 hours.


Remove from the freezer and break into pieces. Enjoy! Store in the freezer and enjoy whenever!

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