Nutrition Coaching

My Approach to Nutrition Coaching:

As a Certified Holistic Health Coach (CHHC), I believe in a holistic approach to nutrition coaching. So what does that mean? I am fundamentally against dieting in the restrictive sense. I will not give you a “do not eat” list and I will not give you a set number of calories to consume. Why? Because that is not sustainable. Diets do not set you up for success and long-term change, but rather they insert us into a cycle of failure and emotional distress. Let’s change that together! I want to teach, inspire and improve your relationship with food. I want to support you and guide you to adopt a healthy lifestyle through the food you eat. 

Program Offerings:
3 months or 6 months

Free 20 min phone consultation

One-on-one personalized coaching sessions (60 minutes bi-weekly)

In person (if local to Metro Detroit) or by phone or video chat

Unlimited access to text and email support

Session notes provided after each coaching session

Access to nutritional resources and tools to support your personal journey

Additional Services: 

Grocery Store Tour

Pantry Makeover + Re-organization

Contact me for consultation in the form below or book time with me here! I look forward to hearing from you.