Micro-Influencer Mentorship Course

Micro-Influencer Mentorship Course
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In May 2020, I created the Micro-Influencer Mentorship course with my good friend and fellow creator, Cameron of Freckled Foodie. Together, we guided dozens of individuals in creating, establishing, and building their online brands through social media. It has been an incredible experience to watch people grow, learn, and connect with each other.

This course will be coming back in winter 2021 and it will be a whole new approach! To get on the waitlist for these details, please fill out this form. Make sure to keep following me and Cameron over on Instagram for updates as well.

For more information on the course, see the information posted below or visit freckledfoodie.com/mentorship.

If you have any questions, please contact themicromentorship@gmail.com.

The Details:

This is a 5-week program that includes a weekly live 1 hour Zoom class featuring different modules and lessons. Entry into this program includes the 5 Zoom classes and a private Facebook community for all mentees.

Week One: Establish your visual brand and goals — building a profile and creating your theme.

Week Two: Bringing the vision to life through content creation — understanding consistency, authenticity, and value.

Week Three: Building a community — learning outreach, engagement, and growth.

Week Four: Monetizing your brand, part 1 — creating a media kit, brand communication, and the process of a campaign.

Week Five: Monetizing your brand, part 2 — ways to partner with a brand, process of negotiation, and contracts.

Here’s what previous mentees have to say…

“This course was so informative and all around awesome! It truly was something I looked forward to every week and have made such valuable lasting friends and connections through!”

“Loved this! Learned a ton of information I hadn’t seen anywhere else.”

“Loved it! I was concerned if these were going to be a deep enough dive in 4 weeks (1 hour classes each week) and I was so happy to feel like they 100% were. I liked the teaching style, the conversational element, and the content. The vibe of the class was great too — such great people and happy to have that network ongoing in the FB group.”

“Both Cam and Sari brought similar but different value to the group. It reminds you that not all content is the same and being different is ok. I left every session so inspired and ready to take action on my own platform. This program was amazing and very thorough. It was a great value for the money!”

“I honestly can’t thank you two enough for this course. It truly helped me believe in myself that I could create a page and be a part of this community. I learned so much and have already found the resources you gave us extremely useful. You two are the absolute BEST!”

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