August Photoblog
This month's photoblog, or a collection of photos captured in August 2020. A mix of some more adventures in Michigan
July 2020 Photoblog Eat Well With Sari
A collection of photos captured in July 2020. This was our first full month living in Michigan! So good to
Chocolate Berry Smoothie
Here we go - time to talk my fave summer smoothie recipes. Let's be real, I make smoothies all year
July Photoblog
Photos of people, places, things and moments of June 2020. A little bit of Chicago and a little bit of
May 2020 Photoblog
People, places, things and moments from May 2020. Our last full month in Chicago. Lots of spring flowers, moments at
eat well with sari april photoblog
A collection of photographs from April 2020 from the confines of my glass box apartment and some nature around Chicago!