Some of the best experiences I’ve had since starting Eat Well With Sari have been the press opportunities with my fellow bloggers and friends. It’s been awesome to lend my voice to important conversations surrounding starting your own business, making use of social media, following your passions, and taking care of yourself. Check out some of what I’ve done below! All podcasts link to Apple Podcasts, but you can find these episodes wherever you normally listen to your podcasts!


Seen Magazine – 8 Food and Health Trends Coming in 2021 (January 15, 2021)

Seen Magazine — 30+ Michigan-based Food Bloggers to Follow on Instagram (August 18, 2020)

Fitt — The Healthiest Brunch Spots in Detroit (July 14, 2020)

The Jewish News — Schmoozing with Sari Diskin (May 29, 2019)

Seen Magazine — Loaded Gluten-Free Oatmeal Cookies Recipe (April 23, 2019)

Seen Magazine — Sari Diskin’s Fitness Must-Haves for 2019 (December 28, 2018)

Seen Magazine — 3 Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Women On the Go (May 10, 2018)

Seen Magazine — 3 Tips to Create a Mindful Home (March 19, 2018)


Fit For Me by Courtney — @eatwellwithsari on Attainable Wellness, Balanced Eating, Mental Health, & Feel-Good Workouts (August 19, 2020)

The Healthy Girl Podcast — Running Your Business From Home, Social Media 101, and Following Your Passions (August 17, 2020)

Mostly Balanced — Sari Diskin on Eating Well & Developing a Self Made Brand (August 3, 2020)

Freckled Foodie & Friends — Live Episode with Erin Morrissey (@erinliveswhole) and Sari Diskin (November 29, 2019)

Healthy Essentials — Pursuing Your Passion and Creating Your Dream Life Featuring Health Coach and Instagram Superstar Sari Diskin (October 6, 2019)

Freckled Foodie & Friends — Catching Up with Sari Diskin (October 4, 2019)

Let’s Thrive — All About Anxiety + Non-Toxic Living + the Evolution of Technology with Sari Diskin (March 20, 2019)

Healing Hormones — Influencers: Who They Are, What They Do & How To Be One with Sari Diskin (August 6, 2018)

Healing Hormones — Taking a Leap to Live Your Truth with Sari Diskin (April 16, 2018)

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