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Ways to #selfcare during the holidays!

Ways to #selfcare during the holidays!

The other day I held a giveaway on my Instagram stories for a local day spa (Beach House Day Spa). We decided to have my audience answer the questions: What do you do for selfcare during the holiday season? I was so inspired by all the answers that I decided to share them here. Although there is a lot of holly and jolly, I know it can be very stressful for people! I hope this will inspire you to relax, recharge and take care of yourself during this holiday season. 

1. Get outside for a walk in nature. Bundle up and enjoy the fresh air.

2. Listen to a new podcast to learn something new and get inspired.

3. Get a good night sleep.. with no alarm clock!

4. Treat yourself to your favorite holiday drink from Starbucks. 

5. Drink festive herbal tea while cuddled a cozy blanket.

6. Diffuse essential oils!

7. Take an evening candlelit yoga class. 

8. Meditate. Even for 60 seconds.

9. Drink the ginger turmeric tea from TJs (recommended by me)!

10. Write down 3 things that you are grateful for.

11. Let go of expectations of gifts and social events.. just enjoy what comes in the moment.

12. Give yourself permission to try everything on the holiday table (without making yourself sick of course)!

13. Come up with some infused water recipes and keep it in the fridge.

14. Take a hot bath.

15. Read a book.

16. Treat yourself to a mani/pedi just because.

17. Get a facial or do an at home face mask.

18. Make sure to get some alone time among all the social commitments during this time.

19. Checking things off your personal to do list.

20. Getaway to up north michigan and enjoy the quiet while disconnecting.

21. Take a yoga class.

22. Taking a social media break.

23. Reading for enjoyingment, not for school or work!

24. Cooking a new recipe.

25. Book a massage – or get your partner to do it for you :). 

26. Keeping up with workouts and movement!

27. Jamming out to country music!

28. Taking a sauna to heat up in the cold!

29. Try accupucture. 

30. Hallmark movies, hot chocolate and flannel PJs.

31. Start the day with writing down one thing you are grateful for. Always give good perspective.

32. Make sure to actually add time for yourself in that busy holiday calendar!

33. Cuddling up with a bottle of merlot!

34. Sweatpants all weekend long!

35. Hot chocolate and marshmellows just because.

36. Doing things alone. 

37. 10 deep breaths. 

38. Quality time with the people you love.

39. Listening to Sinatra and baking cookies!

40. Listening to christmas music!

41. Season coffee with a good book in front of the fire.

42. Recording your affirmations and positive reminders in a  notebook.

43. Turn off your phone for an hour each day and just be.

44. Buy yourself flowers.

45. Enjoy the process of gift giving. 

46. Go shopping alone!

47. Watch home movies with your family.

48. Drive around and look for the houses with the prettiest lights!

49. Giggles from the kids and enjoying their youth.

50. Try a new workout to stay inspired and motivated.

51. Making time to giveback and volunteer for those in need.

52. Bake a new holiday treat.

53. Watch a cheesy holiday classic movie!

54. Treat yourself to a new fuzzy robe to wear around the house.

55. Plan a girls night!

56. Enjoy a hot lavender bath.

57. Meal prep to make time for what matters and stay healthy!

58. A good cup of coffee.. and the time actually sip it and enjoy it.

59. Take a long, hot shower while listening to your fave music.

60. Saying no to things. You do not need to do it all.

61. Decorating for the holidays around the house!

62. Go to starbucks just for the fun holiday cups.

63. Take a nap in the middle of the day.

64. Give someone you love a hug for no reason.

65. Foam roll, stretch and repeat.

66. Snuggling with your puppy.

67. Do yoga everyday. Even if it one sun salutation.

68. Start and finish a new netflix show.

69. Take an epsom salt bath.

70. Light a holiday scented candle!

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