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Tips to Combat Winter Gloom

Tips to Combat Winter Gloom

I recently talked about this on my IG and got so many responses that I wanted to give it a home on the blog. So important to talk about and acknowledge how different seasons affect us mentally and physically. Michigan winters are gloomy and cold as they are in a lot of places in the midwest… so here are some tips and tricks I have come up with to combat those winter blues.

There’s something about the gloom that really gets to me.. especially in January when all the holiday jolliness is over. Normally, I can go down to my happy place, Juno Beach in Florida, and break up the winter which I am forever grateful for but this year that’s not going to happen for a few months (due to pandemic). In the meantime, here are some winter gloom survival tips👇🏻 

I take vitamin d daily – I get 2000 IU in my ritual vitamins! I have noticed that with the lack of sunshine we get here in Michigan it is really beneficial to fill your body with some healthy vitamin d! I know I have seen such a difference with how I feel on an everyday basis. We don’t realize how much sunshine is important until we don’t have it!

Take that gloomy day walk or fresh air break – I have been trying to do this more, and even the fresh air helps so much. There is something about the brisk cold that is refreshing and kind of rejuvenates you. I encourage you to take a walk outside or just get some fresh air in any way that you want!

Use a “happy” light – This emulates the rays from the sun ☀️ If you are someone who struggles with the morning time or just craves some extra light in the morning, then this “happy” light is calling your name! I recently got mine off of amazon and have been loving it, especially in the morning time! I get that extra needed light that is lacking super early.

Exercise – I find that I have way less motivation on cold cloudy mornings to workout, but that boost of endorphins makes the world of difference in my day! Not only do I feel better from within, but I find that my days are a million times more productive! This workout doesn’t have to be crazy or intense but it should get your heart rate up a smidgen!

As soon as the sun comes out.. drop everything, bundle up and go for a walk – Like I said above, going outside to get some fresh air makes the world of a difference! Not only are you getting a bit of exercise in but you’re getting that extra fresh air that you’ve been lacking inside.

Lastly, know that if the weather affects your mood and energy in these months, you are not alone! The winter months in Michigan can be brutal so I have found that doing these small, daily tasks help me and my days feel a lot more alive and a little less gloomy☀️

Hope these helped! we are in this together 🙂


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