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My Current Healthy Hair Tips

My Current Healthy Hair Tips

Before we dive in, please note this blog post is sponsored by my amazing partner Hair Food, but all opinions are my own.

Time for some hair talk! Over the years I have done some real damage to my hair. Tons of excess heat, harmful products and not to mention the trends of the early 2000s (hem hem, rock hard gel). I have been more and more conscious of the beauty products I use and what I put in my body and this applies to hair care products too. To be honest, I neglected my hair for many years. I did not really look into ingredients or choose products that were specific to my hair needs. I did not realize the difference until I started using amazing products! Enter HAIR FOOD! Hair Food is an amazing brand that embodies exactly as it sounds – food for your hair. That means simple, nourishing, cleansing ingredients that work hard for your hair without the addition of harmful chemicals. Hair Food is sulfate free, paraben free, dye free, and cruelty free. All things I look for in beauty products! Their collections are designed to FEED hair, treat hair and keep it as healthy as possible! So excited to partner with this amazing brand on this blog post. I hope you enjoy it! 

My latest tips for healthy hair: 

WASH LESS. I have learned to “train” my hair if you will. Starting to wash it less made it easier to go longer between washes. My hair got used to it and eventually got less and less greasy over time. Now, I wash my hair 2 times per week and it is so much healthier and stronger!! I use some good old dry shampoo and blow dry after workouts and it works like a charm. It was so worth it to get to this point for the health of my hair. It does take some time to get your hair to this point, but I promise it will feel so much healthier!

APPLY LESS HEAT.  As I mentioned earlier, I used to put heat to my hair like crazy. Not to mention, low quality products burned my hair and caused a ton of breakage. The biggest difference for me was when I started to let my hair air dry more. Styling it simply with some oil and tying it back worked wonders. The less damaging heat I put on my hair the stronger it became. Now, I use higher quality heat products that are less damaging and try to do it less often. And since I wash my hair less, blowing it out once during the week can last me days! It is a win-win! I am seeing fewer split ends and less dryness overall. 

CHOOSE QUALITY HAIR CARE PRODUCTS: ENTER HAIR FOOD. There are so many products out there packed with things that damage our hair. It is so important to choose products that will work hard for your hair. This refers to the washing, conditioning, and styling. It all matters! That is why I have been LOVING Hair Food products. As I mentioned earlier, Hair Food is an amazing haircare brand that is focusing on hair nourishment. Just like with food and our bodies, we need to properly nourish our hair with nourishing products.  Each collection and product is made with a simple recipe to do just that – feed our hair! They are created without harmful dyes, sulfate free, paraben free, and cruelty free. This is HUGE. For me personally, I have been loving the Avocado and Argan oil collection. It was made for people with rough and frizzy hair (like mine). It is also made for color treated hair so I can feel confident that I am adding that extra nourishment for the color in my hair. This is huge since so many hair care products can dry our color treated hair. I have seen an incredible difference in the way it has smoothed out my hair and the way it feels. For a girl whose hair is usually frizz-city, I am loving it so much! Specifically, I have been using their Cleansing Shampoo, Hydrating Conditioner, Nourishing Hair Oil, and Hair Butter. Together, I can style my hair curly or straight and it still feels amazing with these products. 

For styling, the smooth avocado and argan hair oil and avocado oil and shea nourishing hair butter from this collection (pictured above) together have been an amazing combination to get my hair SMOOTH and sleek. Way fewer frizz and flyaways over here! Makes the biggest difference for me and my hair is healthy and happy!!! I love using these when I am blowing out my hair, leaving it naturally curly, or simply tied back in a bun after a shower. It makes my hair sleek, shiny, nourished, and most importantly SMOOTH! Highly recommend these styling products.

Pro tip: if you color your hair (like me), I recommend trying the Shea Butter & Pear Hair Color Repair Concentrate. It helps to maintain color vibrancy and prevent fading over time.  It is created with a recipe of Shea butter and Pear to nourish and maintain the color of your hair! This is big for me because I color my hair 3 times a year at most so this way I can keep it looking fresh! 

You can check out this collection here and more specifically the products I have been loving below. I encourage you to check out all their collections and find what works for you! So many amazing, nourishing products to choose from.

My current Hair Food Faves: 

They have SO many more amazing products for all hair types and needs. I can’t wait to keep exploring this amazing line!

USE GENTLE HAIR ACCESSORIES. Last but not least, pick good accessories that are gentle with your hair. I can’t tell you how many times I have pulled out a hair tie with half my hair in it! I love to use scrunchies made with gentle materials that don’t hurt my hair (like cotton and silk). I let go of traditional elastics years ago because of how much they hurt my hair and broke the ends after every use. Soft and gentle scrunchies are the best for me! 

Thanks so much for reading this blog post. I hope you enjoyed learning about my latest hair care tips to keep your hair nourished, healthy, and of course “well-fed”. Make sure to check out Hair Food for all the products I love and explore their amazing collections

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