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SUMMER IS HERE and that means lots of pool days and sunny adventures for me. This season in the midwest is the best and I love taking advantage of the warmth and sunshine by enjoying the poolside life. 

Nothing better than packing up a bag for lunch by the pool and just enjoying the afternoon. One of our go-to weekend activities during the summer months! 

I have partnered with my longtime fave brand, Ello Products, to share some of my poolside essentials! Ello is a brand focused on sustainability and functionality. They make my favorite food storage containers, water bottles, tumblers, reusable straws, reusable bags, and more! Everything is excellent quality and a great price point. Plus, they have such fun colors and designs. I have used their products for years and they have been a big part of me taking steps to be better to the earth!

Without further ado, let’s get into it.


FOOD! Duh 🙂 I love the Ello Products containers to bring snacks and meals to enjoy on the go. Their Duraglass 5 C Lunch Bowl is perfect to pack a good size salad. I love that it is domed on the top (great for mixing dressings). Speaking of dressings, the Plastic Condiment set is perfect to pack a dressing. I also love using it for dips poolside for a snack. I brought along the reusable storage bags for grapes and crackers. These products make it SO easy to bring food on the go and especially during the summer when you want to enjoy the outdoors. They are easy to clean and are honestly so well designed. And of course, they keep food fresh!

SUNSCREEN: Big SPF girl over here. I always have sunscreen with me on sunny days. I leave some in my car too so I can always be prepared to go. Especially during pregnancy, gotta have that extra SPF to protect me and the baby.

WATER BOTTLES: I love the Ello Products Cooper 22oz Stainless Steel Water Bottles. These bottles keep water cold for so long, which is key on a hot summer day by the pool. They come in so many fun colors and can easily go in the dishwasher. We bring them everywhere and are great for travel too!

ENTERTAINMENT: So for me, this comes in the form of a book, podcast or music. Jacob and I love to listen to music by the pool and do some light reading. So don’t forget an easy poolside summer read and your portable speaker.

So there you have it – the most important things I bring to a pool day picnic! You can purchase any of the Ello Products products on their site and use my code SARID15 for 15% off. I promise you will love it! 

Thanks, Ello products for being a long-time supporter of my brand and sponsoring this post. I love working with brands whose values stand with mine. 


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