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Baby Road Trip Essentials

Our trip to Harbor Springs, MI – May 2022

This summer we have a lot of weekend trips planned with Miles so I wanted to share our baby road trip essentials. We did our first one a few weeks ago to Harbor Springs, MI. It was so much fun! You can see a recap of the trip here. I got some great items that were and will be super helpful for these weekends/ trips away. It feels like whether we go away for 2 days or 7 days we basically need the same amount of stuff – just more clothes, diapers, wipes and food! I wanted to make feeding him, playing with him and bringing him around as easy as possible. On the road, we stop for bottles and changes at rest stops and have lots of toys on hand. We also bring a sound machine and a breathable blanket to put over the car seat for his naps. Now that he is on 2 naps, we try to leave just before a nap time and after he is well fed. Most of the car rides we have done have been 4-5 hours so we try to just stop once time to move his legs, change and feed. I also try not to stress too much about the schedule on travel days. It is taking him out of his routine, so it is expected that he will be bothered a bit. We have some amazing road trips and some harder ones. Gotta be flexible!

Below are some items that I have found help these trips run smoother. Since we had so many weekend trips this summer with him, it was worth it to invest in these items. We also hope to use for another baby one day too. Some of them I also keep in my trunk for when we have outdoor playdates, park picnics and dinner at friends’ houses without baby stuff. So I am getting more use out of it! And to me, convenience is HUGE! I want things to be compact, organized and convenient.

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