Travel is one of my favorite things in life. I am that girl who is always on the go – visiting family, discovering a new city and taking advantage of my mobile life. It brings me joy, builds my character and is truly something I could not live without. I love discovering new food, cultures and exploring nature!

SO I am writing this blog post as I am on the plane home from Italy. We are flying Rome
I AM GOING TO ITALY THIS WEEK! I cannot believe it. I have been looking forward to this trip for
This summer we have a lot of weekend trips planned with Miles so I wanted to share our baby road
We just got back from our amazing trip in California! We spend the whole time in La Jolla in parts
So we took Miles on his first trip on an airplane! It was mid-feb when he was 4.5 months. Then
california baby moon
Our babymoon vacation travel guide is here! We always knew we wanted to go on a babymoon before our first
Chicago Summer 2021
CHICAGO FOOD RECS for Summer 2021! Below is a list of where we ate and drank this past memorial day
ICYMI over on the gram, we drove to Asheville, North Carolina from Detroit for a little holiday getaway after canceling
november photoblog
People, places, things from November 2019.
Sharing my fave Chicago eats so far! The food in this city is SO GOOD!
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