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I AM GOING TO ITALY THIS WEEK! I cannot believe it. I have been looking forward to this trip for ever. I have always dreamed of going to italy for many reasons – I have family roots there, I am obsessed with the food and the scenery looks like heaven. Plus, the best pasta and wine ever. Jacob and I are going away for 7 days. It is a quicker trip overseas, but we really wanted to make it work during this week. This is his last vacation before residency ends and we wanted to celebrate him finally starting his first job this summer (after approximately 100 years!).

We are spending 3 days in Tuscany (including Florence and Chianti), 3 days on the Amalfi coast (including Positano, Praiano, and Capri), and 1 day in Rome. Since it is mid-May, it won’t be blistering hot, but it should still be warm enough for dresses and sandals! Hopefully. I am packing 2 light jackets and a raincoat. If you are going in the later summer months, I would probably skip the jacket /jeans and bring more shorts/linen tops. Apparently starting in June it gets insanely hot!

This is my master list BEFORE I have actually narrowed it down. I am hoping to pair it down even more. Between the two of us, we each brought a medium size checked bag and a carry-on tote/backpack. I wish we could just stick to the carry-ons, but honestly, I doubt it with international limits on liquids/aerosols.

I hope this list helps give you a sense of what is needed / some style inspo. Please remember, all the links below give me a small commission. I appreciate your support!

Pre-travel housekeeping:

(besides logistically making sure our 19-month-old is taken care of – shoutout to my in-laws, family, and wonderful nanny)

⁃ Arrange for people to come to check on the house/packages daily (bless my neighbors). Our friend is even staying over for a few days too which helps.

⁃ Get Euros/cash ahead of time (give it a few days as not all banks have it on hand)

⁃ Check your phone carrier’s international policy – we have Verizon so we are going to do the $10 a day plan. You can automatically add it by text. All the details are on their site. Seems super easy.

⁃ Photocopy your passport / ID and have a second copy somewhere in your luggage and back home.

⁃ Confirm all flights/hotels / pre-booked travel arrangements

⁃ Apparently we do not need to call banks anymore to tell them we are going abroad so never mind.

Pre-travel podcast: I love podcast “Untold Italy” for some insights / tips before going there.

Travel Essentials:

⁃ Passport holder

⁃ Portable charger

⁃ Air tags / cases

⁃ Pill / supplement cases

⁃ Pillow / blanket for the plane

⁃ Mini steamer (or use hotel’s)

⁃ EU Power converter

⁃ Luggage / packing cubes

⁃ Small portable water bottle

⁃ Travel mirror

⁃ Travel Toothbrush

⁃ Luggage Locks

⁃ Travel Pillow

⁃ Cash/Euros

⁃ Mini laundry detergent packs

⁃ Kindle / Books

⁃ Travel water bottle

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Shoes, Luggage, Accessories

⁃ Sneakers for walking (casual pair and athletic pair)

⁃ Birkenstocks

⁃ Cute sandals for dinners (neutral)

⁃ Belt bag

⁃ Phone chain carrier

⁃ Beach bag

⁃ Evening bags (black / cream)

⁃ Hair clips/scrunchies / hairbands

⁃ Small packable day backpack

⁃ 2 Sunglasses (ok maybe three I love sunglasses)

– Medium size carry on

– large carry-on tote / duffle

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Tops / Bottoms / Jackets:

⁃ 3-4 nicer tops to wear with jeans or linen pants (White ruffle top , Black smock top, Linen floral top, Cotton floral top)

⁃ 2-4 basic tops (White body suit, black ribbed crop tank, beige ribbed cropped tank)

⁃ 2 linen button-ups (for swimming too)

⁃ Basic white tee for travel

⁃ 1 workout bra and 1 workout long sleeve

⁃ Hoodie for travel

⁃ Crop denim

⁃ Cream leather Moto jacket

⁃ Packable rain jacket

⁃ 1 Comfy pair of jeans (planning to wear these on our city days)

⁃ Black linen pants / White linen pants

⁃ Black linen shorts / white linen shorts / floral linen shorts

⁃ 1 denim shorts

⁃ Leggings for travel (potential workout)

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⁃ 2 floral maxi/midi dresses (1 dressier for nice dinner in Positano)

⁃ 1 orange maxi dress

⁃ Black casual shirt dress

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Swim / Lounge / Intimates:

⁃ 2 bathing suits

⁃ 2 cover-ups (to pair with linen shorts) (white lightweight linen / gauzy tops) – same as in tops

⁃ Straw beach hat

⁃ Beach bag

⁃ Biker shorts / black and nude (to wear under dresses or lounging)

⁃ Travel outfit (leggings/tank/zip up / jacket)

⁃ Underwear (lots of neutral to wear under white/light colors)

⁃ Socks (ankle)

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⁃ Hair dryer /Curling iron (adapter of course)

⁃ Hair Brushes

⁃ Travel conditioner

⁃ Basic Skincare (serum, moisturizer, night cream, eye cream, spf)

⁃ Basic makeup (primer, lightweight spf foundation, bronzer, blush, highlight, concealer, brow brush, mascara, lip gloss, setting powder, setting spray)

⁃ Shower cap

What I am putting in the tote carry-on that I can have on the plane:

⁃ “Refresh” cosmetics bag (toothbrush, toothpaste, facial spray, moisturizer, minimal makeup, glasses/contacts)

⁃ Passports/travel documents

⁃ Travel pillow

⁃ Contacts/glasses

⁃ Supplements/meds

⁃ Headphones

⁃ Water bottle

⁃ Snacks

⁃ Travel mirror

⁃ (Day 1 outfit – going to tour straight from airport)

⁃ Compression socks, extra socks, underwear

⁃ Kindle / books

⁃ First aid

⁃ Scrunchie

More links on my amazon storefront and like to know it! I HOPE THIS HELPS!!! Xoxo, Sari


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