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If you have been following me for a while, you know that I am ALL about the veggie noodles. Sweet potatoes, zucchini, beets, squash and MORE. It is such a fun, versatile and healthy way to eat “noodles” and I am all about it. I love getting creative with veggies and making sure that each meal is as packed with as much of the GOOD stuff as possible. And by good stuff, I mean nutritious food! I am on a mission to make my community eat more nutritious food – so why not make it fun! Health food is NOT boring. Cece’s Veggie Noodle Co knows this best! It is so much more than bland broccoli and chicken with no flavor. To me, life is about eating good food, feeling good and enjoy each and every day!

Today I am sharing my favorite ways to enjoy the best kind of noodles – the veggie ones!


I love a fried egg and all, but egg nests are so much more fun! Plus, it’s a great way to add vegetables to your protein. Now if you don’t know what an “egg nest” is, no worries, it is one of those new meals that have been blowing up on IG. Think a nest of veggie noodles, cooked to perfection, with a fried egg baked in.

  • Try it yourself: cook your fave veggie noodles in a pan with avocado oil until tender. Pool the noodles into two little circles “nests” with some space in the middle. Increase the heat of the pan and crack an egg into the center of the nests. Let it cook until the yolk is at your desired consistency. Season with salt, pepper and chili flakes. 


We all know that zoodles are the new noodles! My fave way to enjoy veggie noodles is in pasta form. It also is the quickest and easiest way to enjoy a healthy pasta dish. I also love mixing my veggie noodles with some high protein/fiber chickpea pasta if I am craving more texture.  You can basically take any pasta recipe or dish that you love to create and sub one of the veggie noodles! In my opinion, the zucchini and butternut squash make the best pasta substitutes.

  • Try it yourself: Saute zucchini noodles in a pan with avocado oil or grass-fed butter. Cook on medium until the zucchini is tender. Add in your favorite store-bought or homemade pasta sauce (I LOVE SPICY), veggies and a protein of choice (meatballs, shrimp, chicken) and mix together! This is a great fast and easy weeknight meal.

IMG_7519 2


Yes, you read that right. You can easily sneak veggie noodles into your baked goods. Ever heard of zucchini brownies or sweet potato brownies? It is a THING. It is so fun to do this for kids because they will not even taste it! Plus, it feels good to know that you are getting in some extra nutrients even when you are satisfying your sweet tooth.

  • Try it yourself. I love this zucchini brownie recipe and this sweet potato brownie recipe.


Honestly, one of my favorite foods to eat is comfort food – no matter what season it is! I am talking about soups, curries, and stir-fries. Food that is warm, saucy and super flavorful! You can add your veggie noodles to ANY of these! Instead of rice to your curry, add zucchini noodles. Instead of rice noodles in your stir-fry, try sweet potato or butternut squash noodles.

  • Try it yourself. I have a great soup recipe that you can add ANY of the veggie noodles too for extra texture. Also, try my peanut sauce with your stirfry or my curry recipe with the noodles. Endless options for my friends!

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I know I know, we can’t always be all veggie all the time, but we CAN add veggies to everything! I love making at pizza crust at home (with a GF mix or a premade cauliflower crust) and loading it with healthy toppings instead of processed cheese, meats and questionable things! I know we all gotta do that once in a while, but when you are craving pizza and want something healthy – try this!

  • Try it yourself. Top your crust with olive oil, roasted veggie noodles (especially zucchini and butternut squash), cherry tomatoes, some chili flakes and goat cheese! It’s my healthy version of a white pizza. OR you can go the traditional route and add tomato sauce, real mozzarella, and zucchini noodles. It is like a healthy take on a Margherita pizza.


I probably do this the most frequently! I love adding veggie noodles, especially beet noodles, to my salad! Raw or cooked, it is so delish! It adds such a great texture too. It also makes salad prep a little bit easier because the veggies are cut and ready to go! But, if you want you can roast them prior to and enjoy them in your salad.

  • Try it yourself. I love a good Mediterranean salad with gem lettuce, raw spiralized beet noodles, kalamata olives, feta cheese, cherry tomato, cucumber, bell pepper and of course a generous dollop of hummus! Drizzle with greek dressing or fresh tahini and lemon.IMG_5457



I love using my veggie potato noodles to make french fries – or more like shoestring fries. It is like a healthy version of what I used to order as a kid! There is something so fun about eating super long fries that are all twisted together! These are such a crowd pleaser too!

  • Try it yourself. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper and spray with olive oil or avocado oil. Place raw potato noodles evening on the sheet. Lightly spray with more oil. Season with pink salt, oregano, thyme and pepper (or just salt if that’s all you have). Bake on 375 for 20 minutes or longer if you like em crispy!

I hope I have inspired you to eat more veggies!

much love,



Thank you to Cece’s Veggie Noodle Co for sponsoring this blog post! I am honored to work with like-minded brands on my blog. 

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