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What’s in my bag? Summer Edition.

What’s in my bag? Summer Edition.

Summer is here! Well, for a month now, but it has been beautiful and sunny here in Chicago. Been spending a ton of time outside, exploring my new city, Chicago, and enjoying the sunshine. Everyday feels like an adventure – whether I’m touring around Chicago, going on long walks in a new neighborhood or venturing out to a new spot to park myself in a coffee shop to work – I’m on the go! On the days I don’t sit and work at home (less in the summer), I pack up my backpack (v into this trend) daily and go about my day! Today I’m going to share what’s been in my bag lately – things I don’t leave the house without aka things I love right now!  

AirPods – best investment of the past year hands down. Seriously, I don’t know how I used to live my life with chords hanging around. From phone calls on the go, to walking around listening to music/ podcasts, my air pods keep me in the zone! I absolutely do not leave my house without them! 

Soma Water 25 oz Bottle – this is a given for me these days! When the heat goes up (especially this week) I take extra care to stay HYDRATED. It is literally one of the most important things we can do for our health. And for that I carry around a water bottle. Always. The *NEW* Soma Bottle is 25 oz (so much more water) and has a grip handle so you can easily carry it around. I am obsessed!! It’s durable and easy to clean because it is glass. Bonus – it’s super pretty so it feels like an accessory. I legit carry it around like a purse.  I have the larger bottle in mint blue and pink and love them both.  

Sunglasses – I am a sunglass girl through and through. My eyes are SO sensitive because of my contacts and I have to wear sunglasses even on cloudy days! They are permanently on my head or tucked into the neck of my shirt like a necklace. I sometimes even have a second pair in my bag in case I lose them ☺️ I am really into the round wire sunglass trend – so much more comfortable in the summer than plastic. My fave brand is Rayban, and these are the ones I am loving right now!

Mini Sunscreen – Since I’ve been exploring a bunch and walking A LOT, I have needed to stay SPF safe all day long. I care a lot about protecting my body from the sun, even though I love being out it in so much. I make sure to stay covered with sunscreen and have a mini bottle with me too in case! I love Supergoop mineral sunscreen and the Whole Foods 365 brand. 

Planner – I am a visual person and a huge planner. I like to write things down, see them and cross things off my list. I keep my daily to do list in my planner as well as important reminders and schedule tasks / calls/ meetings throughout the day. It keeps me on track! I also keep my google cal very up to date too. I like them both. I keep my planner with me because as things change and I’m working on the go, I like to feel organized! My planner is from Amazon and it is inexpensive and awesome!

Portable Charger – this is my holy grail! Actually my phone dies by like 2pm everyday because I’m on it so much for work. I essentially run my business from it, so that’s that. I always have a charger and a portable charger with me to juice up in case I’m caught with 3% and a phone call coming up. You just never know!

Snacks – I am that girl who always has to have snacks on her! I like to have healthy options so I can save money and be prepared. Sometimes I have a meeting right after a workout or I get caught up to close to lunch. Having snacks with me helps me keep my blood sugar at bay and empowers me to make good decisions. I love peanut butter to go packs (Wild Friends or RxBar), mixed nuts/trail mix (Made in Nature, Inspired Organics, Setton Farms) and a clean snack bar option (Health Warrior Bars, Go Macro Bars). They take up minimal space in my backpack and  I am always happy I have them. 

Hope you enjoyed this season’s edition of “What’s in my Bag”. That’s it for now! Check in with you guys soon! 




Thank you to Soma Water for sponsoring this post. I love working with Soma and have been doing so for months. They help me stay fashionably hydrated and I am proud to share content about this company.

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  1. Loved this Sar. Lots of great tips. I am so tempted to buy a pair of pods. Maybe anniversary present from myself!!

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