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Chicago Workouts I love

Chicago Workouts I love

Officially been here for for 6 weeks and I have had the chance to try a bunch of amazing workouts. It honestly may be my favorite part about living here (besides the food). There are so many AMAZING options. I love that nothing feels culty or exclusive. I have been welcomed so nicely to all of these places. It is a great feeling! Can’t wait to keep exploring new spots and updating this list as I go.

NOTE: I am mostly a fan of yoga, barre and strength classes so most of the studios I recommend are in that category. Always willing to try new things, but that’s my bread and butter.

Studio Three

I heard about this studio a billion times before I got here and let me tell you it lives up to the hype. It really has it all – yoga, interval classes and cycling. I have been loving the mat / strength classes “HI DEF” and “3×3”. Hi Def on Monday am’s with Emily D is my fave. It is a hotish room and you start with a 5 minute yoga flow and then go through a series of strength exercises with bands and weights. There are some cardio tabatas in there too, but you can always choose the low impact option. Its challenging and amazing and I love that it is only 45 minutes. I also really enjoy the yoga classes there. It gets super hot and sweaty, but I love that! They provide mats, towels and have a full locker room shower set up. DM me for a first class free code!There is a location in River North and Lincoln Park.

Shadow Box

Shadow box just opened in River North right down the street from me! Of course I had to immediately check it out. I loved it! The vibe is amazing and I got really into it! Think dark room, blue lights and loud music. The class is divided between strength movements with light weights, body weight and then actual boxing with a bag. I loved how quickly it went by. They provide gloves for free, but you need your own wraps. I suggest buying the ones they have there. This class was super sweaty! Can’t wait to go back!

The Space Between

I love everything about this gem of a place. The vibe, the people and the classes are incredible. Everything is dusty pink and calming neutral colors. It smells amazing and the structure of the classes are perfect. It is slightly heated in there, but not over hot. The mats are provided and pre set up so that you get a number / station when you arrive. I love that because it organizes the room really well. It is a candle lit studio with high ceilings. I have had some really special moments in my few classes there and I know that I will be going every single week. So far, I love Daryn and Maggie – but I am sure all the teachers are wonderful. TSB is located on Hubbard in River North.

Exhale Spa

I had heard of Exhale from NYC and Miami, so I was so excited to try the classes here. I am a BIG barre fan, so I was curious about it. No surprise, I loved it. It is super challenging, but the teachers are V knowledgable! Traces and Liz are the teachers that I have tried so far and I like them both a lot. The cardio barre and regular barre class both kicked my butt! Plus, they have an amazing boutique there and AMAZING spa services. I treated myself to a massage the other day and it was one of the best I have had. It is located in Gold Coast.

Barre Code

This place feels like my Michigan home because it was my go -to back in Royal Oak. I always love going in there and taking the classes. I have been going to Sarah B in the River North location on Wednesday mornings and she is awesome. Great energy! It is a great spot to really get acquainted with barre and it goes by super fast because you switch it up a lot. There is a location in River North and The Loop.

FlyBarre @ FlyWheel

I had also heard amazing things about FlyBarre from my NYC friends, so I was so excited for it. It was for sure a more dynamic barre class and one of the hardest I have done. That said, I really enjoyed it and will absolutely be going back. I had Elena and she was amazing! I loved her energy and how challenging / funny she was! It is located in Old Town and right next to Real Good if you want to grab Noyo Froyo.. I sure did! Oh, and your first class is free.


So I am truly not a huge endurance cardio person, but Soul Cycle is a different experience for me. I go occasionally and I truly escape mentally and feel like invisible during it. The music, the vibe and energy is incomparable. It is one of those workouts I will do 1 – 2 times a month with friends! There are also some incredible instructors I want to try here.


Warning – this is a HARD workout. Like literally I thought I was in shape until I did this. But seriously, it hurts so good. It is like the soul cycle of mega reformer pilates if you ask me. The room is dark, the music is vibe and the energy is high! I went a few times last summer when I was in Chicago for one of Jacob’s rotations and I can’t wait to go back in the next few days. I know it’ll be one of my go-tos.

Other spots I want to try are: Barre3 West Loop (when it opens), Yoga Six, RowHouse, Free Mvmt, Zen Yoga Garage, Barrys Bootcamp and the NEW Lululemon workout space in their Lincoln Park location.

Any others you think I should try? DM me on IG and let’s chat!

COSTS: I know boutique fitness is pricey. Classpass is an amazing option if you want to go to various studios each month. It is a lot cheaper than buying packages to each place. BUT it is only worth it if you actually go to a lot of different spots (like me). If one spot is your go to, I would buy a package with them. Whatever works for you! Also, a lot of studios have free trial classes / weeks too so if you are curious about one reach out to find out what they offer for new students. If you want to try class pass, you can use my referral link here to get $40 dollars off your first month.

Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful day everyone 🙂

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