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Favorite Summer Smoothie Recipes!

Favorite Summer Smoothie Recipes!

Here we go – time to talk my fave summer smoothie recipes. Let’s be real, I make smoothies all year round, but nothing beats a cool, refreshing smoothie on those hot summer mornings. Smoothies are one of my go-to’s because they don’t have to be complicated, and they don’t need a million different ingredients. With just a few different things and my blender, I can have my breakfast ready in minutes. I always try to focus on including protein and fiber to keep my smoothies filling and satisfying, which also helps give them that thick and creamy consistency! I’ve been loving the Sprout Living Protein Powder, which comes in three different flavors — Vanilla,  Greens, and Chocolate! Love topping my smoothies with some drizzle of nut butter and granola. It took me so long to find a protein powder that I actually like and can tolerate. A lot of them taste chalky to me.  AND my previous fave brand of protein powder actually discontinued the product  🙁 So for the last few months, I have been on the hunt and I am really loving these.  If you have any other fave suggestions, send them my way! 

These protein powders add enough fiber all on their own, but when I want a little extra boost, I go for some flax or chia seeds. Last but not least, the key to the THICK creamy smoothie is ICE! I always add one cup, which ensures that my smoothies come out thick and spoonable! I’ve been using my trusty Vitamix for years, but I know that the KitchenAid blender and Blendtec are also really great options!

Check out the recipes below to inspire your next summer smoothie!

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