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All the Baby Items & Links

All the Baby Items & Links

I cannot believe our little guy is here. We have been doing a lot of prep the last few weeks to get ready! I wanted to share a concise list of all the things we are getting for him. In no way do you need all this stuff right away, but I wanted to get all the links together in advance of maternity leave so that it would be in a central place for all of you! A week into this, I have already changed up bunch of things that we are liking and we are not liking and eventually I will get to adding / updating the blog post for those too!


  • Not everything listed / linked has been purchased. It may be stuff we registered for or really want. This is a great place to start if you are looking to add to your baby registry. We also registered for more than this, but I am trying to keep it to the most important things / bigger things.
  • I will be updating this list down the line with notes on if we used / didn’t use the items or returned them
  • In the coming weeks, I will put together a list of things you should get in advance of baby’s arrival or at least what I found helpful once I get some experience.I have received some gifts from baby brands over my pregnancy, which I am super grateful for.
  • I will note if an item is gifted by writing *gifted* and if I have a discount code with them, I will include.
  • The majority of these links are affiliate links. That means that if you purchase through my link, I get a small commission back. If you are utilizing this list, I would so appreciate you using my links.
  • I will make another list in the coming months as my boy grows and I need more toddler things (eating, new car seat, etc). Stay tuned!
  • Also check out my highlights on instagram for more links / suggestions. I will be adding to those on my leave when I can.


POSTPARTUM ESSENTIALS: I got the Frida mom postpartum kit (*gifted*), which includes a Peri Bottle, disposable Underwear, Ice Maxi Padsicles, Witch Hazel Pad Liners, and Perineal Healing Foam. They say you will need enough disposable underwear and maxi pads for a week or two, so you can get order more easily.

NURSING CLOTHING: Comfy loose nursing friendly PJs, nursing tank tops, nursing bras. Not sure what all will be working with for me or what I will be comfortable in, so I will update as I go.

BREAST CARE: I got nipple cream to start and some ice packs. If I need anything else, Frida also has a breast care kit that has all the essentials.

SUPPLEMENTS: Right now, I am just planning on taking ritual “postnatal” right after birth. Before and throughout pregnancy I take their “prenatal”. I do hear some other supplements can help with lactation and feeding, but as of now I do not have any of that. I will see what I need when the time comes.


GLIDER: Baby Letto Kiwi Glider. This is SUPER comfortable. It probably middle of the line to higher for price, but I think it is worth it. I have already taken many naps on it since it’s arrival. It has a recline feature, swivel feature and a phone charger!

OTTOMAN: Baby Letto Kiwi Ottoman. When I am not reclined, this is for my feet. Also is another spot for someone to sit in the nursery while I am feeding.

RUG: Ivory texture rug from overstock. Super plush and cozy!

CRIB: Nestig Baby Wave Crib *gifted* – can also be a mini crib / bassinet and a toddler bed. Nestig has a few styles and colors. I love love their style and brand.

SIDE TABLE: Target for a super simple and basic white / wood table. I want to be able to put drinks / food on it and have it right next to my chair.

DRESSER: Crate and Kids. This is on the smaller side because we have a full closet in the room. We also got this dresser topper for the change pad in white.

CHANGE PAD: Keekaroo Peanut Pad. I hear the best things about the shape of this one and the material is easy to clean.

LIGHTING: Sage green floor lamp and ceiling white/wood fixture. Both from crate and kids.

DECOR: Cloud Shelves, Peg Hooks, Sage Green Mirror, Pillows, Blankets, Hamper

OTHER: Diaper Caddy, Diaper Pail, Hangers, Canopy x Lalo Air Purifier (*gifted*)


SWADDLES: We are going to try out the Happiest Baby ones, Aden and Anais, Cooper Pearl Blankets and Solly Baby blanket. I know babies switch up which ones they like, so we will keep an open mind! I also hear great things about the Halo ones and Ollie World ones (currently out of stock)!

SOUND MACHINES: Frida baby 3 in 1 – sound machine and light, baby susher (hear this is a must), portable WavHello machine for crib (*gifted*)

MATTRESS: Newton Essential Mattress and Waterproof Mattress Cover, crib sheets starter bundle (*gifted from Brooklinen. Code SARI)

BASSINET: We are borrowing the Halo sleep bassinet (vibrating one) and we will see how he does.

MONITOR: Right now we are going with the Nanit Pro. We also hear great things about the Owlet. We want something that can be accessed on our phones easily.


MAIN STROLLER: Uppababy Vista (double stroller) in Greyson,

STROLLER ACCESSORIES: Snack Tray, Winter Cover, Fan, Portable Sound Machine, head rest for bassinet, hanging organizer

CARSEAT: Doona Infant Carseat (also a stroller), Winter Cover, Rain Cover

PACK N PLAY: 4moms Breeze Playyard (also has a bassinet and changing feature)

DIAPER BAG: Caraa Sport Baby bag (*gifted) – Gorgeous, can flip onto stroller and be a backpack! Has insulated pockets for bottles. I am obsessed. For on the go changing, I am looking at this changing pad. Caraa also makes an amazing one, but it is currently on backorder.

CARRIERS: Artipope for the MOST stylish carrier around (*gifted*). Their patterns are gorgeous. Cannot wait for mine. I also plan to get the Baby Bjorn carrier.


LOUNGER: Dock-a-tot deluxe

PLAY MATS/SET: Skiphop mat, Love every gym (top of our registry list)

BABY WRAP: Solly Baby wrap (*gifted) – amazing for skin to skin in the new born phase and can be used for months to come.

SWING: I hear the best thing about the classic fisher price swing. One of the top things on our registry!

TOYS: I am super interested in the Loveevery toy subscription “playkits” where you get new toys every few months based on baby’s age and development. Otherwise, I feel like kids love it all!

BOUNCER: I got the Babybjorn “bouncer bliss” in the jersey material


BOTTLES: We are starting with Tommy tippee bottles (*gifted*) and seeing how he takes them. We also registered for their bottle warmer!

BOTTLE ACCESSORIES: baby breeza Sterilizer, Cleaning rack, cleaning brushes

HIGH CHAIR: Lalo high chair (*gifted*) that is the most stylish and function one I have seen! Lalo eating accesories for when they start eating solids is awesome! I also got their play kit table!

PUMP: I went with the Motif Medical Luna pump (*gifted*). It is also available through insurance (through Aeroflow). I also got the accessories (silicone manual pump, milk storage bags, backpack)

HAND FREE PUMP: I have been looking into the Elvie because I hear such good things! Hoping to borrow or add this to my registry for on the go pumping. The Elvie curve is great to put on your second breast when you are breast-feeding to catch any milk that comes out and save it.

NURSING PILLOW: boppy nursing pillow and also hear great things about the “my breast friend” pillow.

FORMULA: I plan to breastfeed, but of course am open to supplementing with formula or using formula if that is where my journey takes me. If that is the case, I will make sure to talk to my ped doc to see what will be best for my baby.

BURP CLOTHS: I got a few from target and some from copper pearl. Also can never have enough muslin blankets too which can double as burp cloths. I also love the matching copper pearl bibs that I added to my registry.

PACIFIERS: I plan to start with the tommy tippee newborn ones as well as the phillips avent ones


BATH: Infant bath (I like this because it also has a scale), and the skiphop bath accessories to start, burts bees baby soap and shampoo. I got some basic hypoallergenic washcloths and a baby bath towel on amazon too.

GROOMING: I got the baby basics kit and baby grooming kit from Frida. Has everything you need to for the first stages of grooming and health.

CLEANING / LAUNDRY: Babyganics dish/bottle soap, wipes, stain spray and laundry detergent. I also was given Dreft (smells like baby heaven), but know some people/babies don’t like that.

DOWN THERE CARE: Waterwipes, Aquafor baby cream set, newborn diapers, butt paddle

Hope these links help! I will be doing some Q + A’s on my Instagram throughout my maternity leave where are you can request any additional links.

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