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Comfort Food Season + Tips for the Winter Blues

Comfort Food Season + Tips for the Winter Blues

Last week it was 75 degrees and I was wearing Birkenstocks in October. No complaints – but this cold season came on FAST. Literally, as soon as the temperature dropped, my body was like bring on the comfort food Sari! Less cool salads and more comforting warm dishes – still with tons of veggies of course! First new recipe of the season is my  Creamy Vegetarian Curry – check out the recipe! It is a great recipe that can be adjusted in so many ways with any add-ins you like! Going to be a huge staple this season.

Now for some real talk.

I have a love-hate with winter. I love being cozy, warming up on my couch with a cup of tea, the joy of the first snowfall and having an excuse to just CHILL the f out. Like everyone else, there are parts that I struggle with. I have grown up with winter my entire life. Toronto winters can be brutal. Now, I am in Michigan and let me tell you they are even worse. They may be a little milder, but they are damn GREY.

The grey is what I struggle with. Literally, 2 weeks (or more) can go by with no sun. Not even a peep.  No word of a lie here. I was kinda shocked last winter (it was my first one living in Michigan). I am anticipating this for this upcoming season and it makes me a little uneasy. I had a hard time last winter. I learned that my emotions are strongly impacted by my exposure to sunlight. I guess I can unofficially say I mildly have some sort of ‘seasonal affect disorder’ – not too serious or anything, but I have to really work hard at fighting this. I am sure many of you can relate.

Below are some TIPS on how I deal with this in the winter. They may not work for everyone, but these are the ones I do.

  1. LIGHT THERAPY. Ok, guys, this works. I purchased one of those “happy light” therapy lights that you sit with 20 minutes a day and it produces the same effect in your brain that the sun does. No shame here. This helped me SO much. Check out the one I purchased here if you are interested. There are cheaper options, but I wanted one that I knew would work well.
  2. BATHS. Warm ones. These are great all year round, but on days that get dark at 4:45pm, warming your body can really lift that chill and your spirits. Side note – Trader Joe’s has amazing natural bath salts if you want to add some lavender love! I know I do.
  3. TRY TO GET OUTSIDE. I know it gets freezing, but if the weather is above 30 degrees, I still go for walks. Even if it is grey and cloudy the fresh air feels nice. I have all the gear to bundle up for a reason! It may be hard to get your friends to walk with you in the winter, but plug in a podcast and some happy music and get moving. I promise it’ll feel good. Your mind and body need fresh air. Dog owners – you have a leg up on this one.

These little things add up to a lot for me and really help me as the temperature drops. Hope they help you too!

That’s it for now.



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  1. Thank you for sharing Sari! I love winter walks. It is what keeps me sane during the winter season. I hope to try your recipe as well! Keep writing

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