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Have you guys heard of Wanderlust Festival? What about Swisse? Either way, I got you covered.

If you haven’t – I would highly recommend checking it out! It is a traveling festival so chances are it has come or will come to your city!  Wanderlust is a mindfulness triathlon! Don’t worry – it is not the triathlon that you train for for 6 months and need to be fit AF for. It is a relaxed, community-driven, and overall fun wellness event. No exercise experience necessary.  Pretty enticing right? It is a 5K run/walk followed by a yoga class and guided meditation. I went last year and had a BLAST! This kind of event is right up my alley and does not come to Detroit very often so I was ALL over it!

This year, when Swisse asked me to join them at the festival I was like um YAS you do not have to ask me twice. I got the chance to experience the Swisse x Wanderlust #DestinationHappiness activation at the festival! Love that name by the way! Basically, Swisse – the number one supplement company in Australia – has hit the US market and spreading the word about all of their incredible products at Wanderlust Festivals.

I arrived early morning and it was COLD in Michigan. We are talking 48 and cloudy. But we had hats and hot coffee to keep the chill down and the vibes high. The Swisse set up was a sight to see! I was so happy to hang out there all day with the team! Not only was it huge – but there was something for everyone. Each part of the set up taught you something different about one of their supplements. I loved it because it gave people the chance to experience the brand and their values. Swisse #DestinationHappiness stands on 3 pillars – MINDFULNESS, NUTRITION, AND MOVEMENT.   Basically the three pillars of my life right?! All three of these are very important to me.

Here is a rundown of some of the exciting things I experienced with @swisseusa and @wanderlustfestival :

  • I sampled the Hair Skin Nails liquid supplement. I had never tried a liquid supplement before. It was tart, but I like tart and had a ton of vitamin C from the blood oranges. It naturally supports collagen production for thick hair, radiant skin and strong nails.
  • I tried acro-yoga for the first time! WHAT! I was so scared, but I realized I was way stronger than I thought. Bryan lead me through it and I did a handstand! See image below.
  • I relaxed and meditated in the Swisse Dream Dome. You could lie down, stay warm and covered and listen to a wonderfully calm voice on a headset guiding you through a peaceful meditation. It is incredible just how much 5 minutes can do! We can all make time for that. I know I would like to more often.
  • I visited the Detox Terrace where my friend Sitara Bird (RYT 500 hr) was taking people through detoxing yoga flows to help them recuperate from the run! Everyone could use a real stretch after that.

All of the experiences were connected to one of the Swisse supplement formulas to help us see how wellness can be weaved into every part of our life – mind body and spirit. You can learn about all the product formulas on the Swisse website!

Check out my album from the day below!

Zen vibes!
Where I spent a lot of the day 🙂
Processed with VSCO with s3 preset
Me doing Acro part 2! woo!
Processed with VSCO with s3 preset
Me doing Acro!
Details on the liver detox.
Details on the multi vitamin.
Details on the collagen.
Details on the sleep supplement.
Beauty Garden!
Taking a shot of the collagen!
All the goods!
Destination happiness!
Destination happiness!
All the goods.
Relaxing af!
Where we went to meditate.
Schedule for the day!

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