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My 5 Coffee Essentials ft The Moccamaster Coffee Machine

My 5 Coffee Essentials ft The Moccamaster Coffee Machine

My 5 Coffee Essentials ft The Moccamaster Coffee Machine. It is about time I write a blog post ALL about my fave coffee essentials – specifically the 5 things I use / love to make that perfect cup of coffee every single morning. I look forward to those morning moments more than anything! So if you are anything like me, this blog post is for you. 

A little background..  I have loved the pour over coffee style for several years, but in early 2020 I finally upgraded to THE Moccamaster. I had heard of it through my brother in law, so I saved up and purchased when I hit a business goal of mine.  It was the biggest game changer. Fast forward a year later, I was working with the brand to create content (like this blog post) and still am today! We love that for me 🙂

But let’s get into it.

The Brewer

As you can tell from the beginning of this blog post, I am a big fan of the Moccamaster coffee machine. It is pour over style! I love how the water showers the grinds and brews the perfect tasting cup of coffee at the ideal temperature in just a few minutes. The machine is designed to mimic manual style pour over coffee, but without the heavy lifting – literally! It has a hot plate so it keeps your coffee warm and ready when you are. I love this because I drink my cup earlier than Jacob in the morning. I have the 10 cup brewer, but there are a few size options. It also comes in a many gorgeous colors! I have the gold / brushed brass, which matches my kitchen, but I also love the matte black and white. You can even get some funky pastel retro colors. This is the type of appliance you are going to want on your counter. Moccamaster machines are also industry certified by the European Coffee Brewing Center (ECBC) and the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). Clearly, they know what’s up!

The Beans

Along with the perfect machine, you need quality beans ground specifically for “pour over” coffee. The grind is a medium / course grind. So if you got to a shop to buy beans and have then grind for you – tell them it is for pour over. Alternatively, if you grind at home, make sure you have it on a medium setting. I love buying locally roasted beans and a few other national faves. Overtime, I learned my fave tasting profiles. I love a dynamic medium roast that is a little big acidic. I look for candy (caramel, milk chocolate) and berry tasting notes. 

The Mug(s)

A good mug is big for me! I want one comfy to hold on the couch and doesn’t burn my hand. I love a ceramic mug or a double walled glass ones. I also enjoy a good travel mug since I usually have some coffee on my morning walks with my son.

The Frother & Accessories

In the morning, I drink my coffee black, but I love to make an at home latte style / special drink for later on in the morning or early afternoon as a pick me up. Like this. You gotta get a good frother for this.  I personally like the stand alone frothers more than the hand held ones for this type of drink. I also love the stainless steel Moccamaster accessories. The air tight canister keeps my grinds nice and fresh and the pitcher makes pouring the water in the vessel before brewing very easy (with less spills)!

The Vibe

Last but not least, the VIBE is so important. I make my morning coffee a ritual. It is a key element to my self-care routine. It is my alone time. My time to reflect and mentally prepare for the day. I love to light a candle, turn on my fireplace (especially in the cold months) and cuddle up in my blanket. This is when I journal, meditate and just gather myself. Taking the time in the morning before becoming a mom and entrepreneur is a big one for me. Even if it’s only 10 minutes! I show up better for others in my life when I show up for myself in this way. 

Thanks for reading! For all my coffee essentials – head here to shop everything mentioned in this post. Happy brewing!

This post was created in partnership with Moccamaster.

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