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The number one excuse I hear…

The number one excuse I hear…

The number one excuse I hear from people as to why they do not eat well is TIME.  

People complain so much about just not having time to adopt healthy habits. No time to workout, to meal prep, or to or educate themselves on what they need to be healthy. I get it… it is not easy.

We live in a world where “time is a currency” and things that take up a lot of time without an immediate return are dismissed as a “waste”. It is unfortunate that so many people see eating healthy in this light. It is cheaper, easier and faster to eat unhealthily. It is a really big problem. The majority of people are not open to investing that “time” into their bodies for long-term health. But rather, they are focused on a quick solution for “nourishment”, which often means eating addicting, sugar-laden packaged goods or fast food and frozen dinners. These options are the most accessible for people and make it less and less appealing to cook REAL FOOD at home.

I would be lying if I said healthy eating is a seamless and simple as fast food or a frozen dinner because it is not. BUT anything worth putting in your body takes a little bit of effort. There needs to be a balance – more accessible and fast healthy options! The good news is that there are more and more products hitting the market that are making healthy eating super accessible and fast. I have been so happy to see this market grow!

One of my favorite brands, Cece’s Veggie Co, just launched their new line of MEALS! If you are not familiar with Cece’s Veggie Co, they are a vegetable company that produces ready to cook spiralized and rice vegetables! Beets, zucchini, squash, sweet potato, broccoli, and cauliflower! They have it all! They are all about making vegetables (and nutrition) accessible in people’s kitchens and I am all for it! Anyways, the new meals are a great way for you to get in tons of veggies in a delicious meal without taking a ton of time (the jackpot, right?).

Exhibit A – the organic zucchini marinara! Zoodles (zucchini noodles) come raw and take about 7 – 8 minutes to heat up on a pan. I love to saute them in garlic ghee (clarified butter – learn more about it here). The meal also comes with delish organic marinara sauce. I just heat it up with the zoodles. You can toss in some grilled shrimp, salmon or even other veggies. Whatever you love in your “pasta” dishes will work! I love to pair it with a big Caesar salad! It reminds me of being a little kid.


Exhibit B – the veggie shells and cheez. These are made from butternut squash and come with a dairy free “cheez” sauce. Similar to the zucchini noodles, I sauteed them on a pan with garlic ghee and then added in the creamy plant-based “cheez” sauce!. There is also a real cheese option if you are okay to digest dairy! It is very tasty if I do say so myself! This is also a great meal base where you can add tons of other veggies and protein too. My personal fave is peas because they are packed with protein and add a great texture.


You can check out the full line of meals here as well as all the amazing recipes you can make with the Cece’s Veggie Co products! The healthy options are endless!

Thank you to Cece’s Veggie Co for sponsoring this product review. I am proud to work with this company!

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