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Eat Well With Sari Presents: The Holidays 2018 Gift Guide

Eat Well With Sari Presents: The Holidays 2018 Gift Guide
Photo by Kat Stevens

It is that time of year! The jolliest, coziest and most celebratory time. I love it all. I am a sucker for the little things and celebrations of any kind (duh) so I am ALL over the holidays. This little blonde Jewish food blogger has you covered this season. I am sharing all my favorite things that I get asked about a TON and I know you will love!  Plus, for my Detroiter’s I am featuring some local goods. My list is short and sweet! I hope you enjoy.

I sincerely wish everyone a safe, happy and healthy holiday season!


best leggings ever.

Ok, so if you are a workout clothes -a- holic like me you are probably stocked. For everyone else, my all-time favorite leggings are the Lululemon Align leggings. My other all time favorites are the Athleta Powervita material leggings. The Elations 7/8s are my fave! Both feel like butter! So many fun colors too!

Photo: Me wearing the Elation Powervita Leggings from Athleta in olive green.

walking on a cloud.

Have you guys heard of allbirds? Let me tell you they are the most comfortable casual sneakers of all time! I have two pairs and literally do not take them off. The wool runners are my fave! They also can be tossed into the laundry! Perfect for gals and guys.

Photo: Original from moi @eatwellwithsari

major foam goals.

If you follow my IG stories, you know that I am super devoted to my Nespresso machine!  I love the taste of the coffee and the foam on top makes it super unique. I have the VertuoPlus in white. They go on sale every so often so keep your eyes peeled.

Photo: From featuring the VertuoPlus Machine in white.

Cozy vibes only.

This wouldn’t be a holiday gift guide without some sweaters! I have included a few here that I live in during the winter months. This cardigan from Barefoot Dreams is literally a dream (pun intended). It is basically like wearing a blanket – the softest one ever. It feels like a hug! I also love the beyond soft material from Athleta. I love their coaster luxe sweater and reversible sherpa jacket. So many cute colors too! 

Photo: From featuring the coaster luxe sweatshirt

crispy af in minutes.

Okay foodies – this one is for you. The air fryer – I am sure you have heard of it! But listen – it is actually life changing. Fries in minutes without deep frying. You an make chicken fingers, avocado fries, sweet potato wedges and literally 1000 other things. Worth it! I love the Bella one. You can get it at Macy’s. I have it in white 🙂

Photo: Bella Air Fryer from

the zen life.

I love diffusing essential oils in my home. Makes it so peaceful and relaxing. Everyone products makes amazing aromatherapy blends that are super affordable. Check em out here. Or even better – check out the set!

Photo: from

beach waves sans beach.

After trying 1000 hair curlers, this is the one that i love the most. You can use it wand style and curler style. It curls electronically so you get the perfect curl every time. I have been using the beach waver for years!

Photo: taken by Kat Stevens – hair done by me and my beach waver!

get your best mug shot.

I love mugs. It is a bit of a problem. These clear double – walled ones are sexy af (is it weird to call a mug sexy?) and keeps the heat from your hands. The Bodum ones were a wedding gift and I am still obsessed with them. Plus, when you use them with your Nespresso – you can really see the foam! Ahhhh… the little things! 

Photo: from

sneakers of all sneakers.

I am a huge sucker for sneakers. Like it is a problem… kinda. The APL ones are not only GORGEOUS, but they are amazing for running and training. They also have the new slip on ones with no laces that I am really tempted to get. The color combos are also amazing. Good luck choosing!!

Photo: from:

the slick backpack.

I LOVE backpacks (or as Canadian’s say knapsacks). They make travel and everyday living so much easier. I am obsessed with my MZ Wallace one. They have tons of colors and smaller sizes too! 

Photo: from

Dainty and Simple.

I love my wearing dainty and simple jewelry. From bracelets to necklaces to earrings – I just like it to be light looking for my every day look. My “Sari” name necklace is from M Jewelers. They have great sales! I also recently discovered Le Sensor Shop for cute earrings. I have the star ones.

Photo: From


detroit rose.

I love this craft candle and skincare company. The scents amazing and I love the branding too. I am really into the Cinnamon Chai candle and have been lighting it every night. There are so many other candle scents that are incredible! Also, the Aphrodite Face Oilfeels like silk! Helps hydrate my dry winter skin. 

kiloh and co.

I have been a huge fan of the Kiloh Collection ever since I moved to Detroit. If you want to rep your city, this gear is for you. The new stripped tee is super cute and is for sure on my list!

Photo: taken of me by Kat Stevens, wearing Kiloh and Co

beach house day spa.

If you have someone who loves the spa on your list – this is for them! I have been going to this spa for years. Not only is it ADORABLE and all about the beach vibes – every single practitioner is great. I have literally never had a bad experience. It is located in Birmingham, so super central!

Photo: Taken by me at my last visit


Detroit Winter Markets!

These were the cutest last year! I cannot wait to go back. There are tons of local vendors, eats, drinks and more! Details can be found here.

Photo: from Crains Detroit Business article

rail & anchor.

If you are a local to Royal Oak, I am sure you know of this adorable store. It is filled with cute little nick naks, plants, cards, books and SO much more. I literally pop in here every week or so when I am out walking because it just makes me happy in there. You are bound to find a little something for everyone here.

Photo: from

gazelle sports.

They underrated have the cutest workout gear and running shoes! If you have an athleisure loving person on your list you gotta go here. Also, if you love doing extreme sports, hiking or are planning a ski trip there are great options for you too. Oh, and their location in Birmingham is brand new and gorgeous! 

Photo: Birmingham store on

shop zmc.

Ok, this spot is also another fave gem in Royal Oak. I live down the street and for so long I just thought it was a regular pharmacy… but NO it is an adorable gift shop with crystals, plants, housewares, baby gifts, and beauty products. They also brew intelligentsia coffee which is the best! Oh, and it is only $1. 

Photo: from @shopzmc on IG

ferne boutique

I love this boutique in New Center, Detroit! I had the best time when I went to try on clothes there. I literally could have bought EVERYTHING. They have the best jean brands, cute sweaters and coats. The fall/winter collection is fire! Also, it is such good vibes in there. Highly recommend! 

Photo: taken by Kat Stevens of me wearing an outfit from Ferne.

Thanks for reading! I hope you got some great gift ideas 🙂 Wishing you and your families a happy & holiday season – no matter what you celebrate!

xx, Sari

Photo by Kat Stevens

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